Media Coverage

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I’ve been very fortunate to receive a lot of excellent coverage from many outstanding news outlets. Thanks you to all of the outlets who did such outstanding work. These include:

The Narragansett Times

National Geographic

StarTalk (also on NatGeo)

The British Journal of Medicine

Scienc(ish), Radio Wolfgang

Science Friday (also here)

UC Berkeley

The University of Southern California

The University of Rhode Island

VICE, and a follow up

New Scientist

Eight Episodes of History Now on the History Channel


Rhode Island School of Design




  • I’ve had the honor of giving lectures and seminars at many conferences, meetings, and universities, including:

  • Spaceport LA – guest speaker and panel moderator. March 2017.
  • MIT- Beyond the Cradle – panel moderator and workshop leader. March 2017.
  • Virginia Tech, on science communication. December 2016.
  • SpaceFest at the Seattle Science Center. November 2016.
  • Diamond Labs. Guest Speaker. November 2016.
  •  FameLab, 2014 (semi-finals)