Movember on Mars

movember smallHello World! While we’re on sMars, the crew is doing our best to support continued operations back home. This means lots of research about how to live in space, now and in the future. It also means helping make discoveries that improve life in ways beyond, and much closer than, Mars, in fields like psychology, environmental science, biology, and physiology. That’s what this short post is about. For the month of November, the crew of HI-SEAS IV is joining the people of Earth in fighting men’s cancer. For the next 29 days, Movember on Mars will raise funds for prostate cancer research.

Our Fearless leader, Team Captain and Chief Engineer Andrzej Stewart, has put aside his proud whiskers for this noble cause. Please join him and the rest of The Mars Movember Team here: Donate or become a team member; leave us a note of encouragement or a fun photo. We like it all! See you there.




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